Who Are You?

Spice It Up. Come As You Aren’t by Potter

A lot of couples struggle in the bedroom. This set encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and place yourself into completely different settings. It’s even perfect for the couple who are just looking for something different to do. The set includes cards that are the simple W questions of who, what and where. The scenarios range from something simple and easy to do at home, to ones that are a bit more adventurous and in public.

I was a little hesitant looking at the Who cards. To my surprise the names are silly and fun. It keeps you in your comfort zone so your not completely changing who you are.

Games in the bedroom might help couples become closer when intimacy isn’t something they are good at. Not every relationship is about sex for some people and it doesn’t need to be. But, if your stuck in that rut of the same thing over and over again this set can really help.

This kit really makes you to improvise and experiment in different ways. There are even blank cards to create your own, which might be the best way to include a fun fantasy that you have for your partner. The best part is, if you pick a card and are completely out of your element, you can toss it or put it back for another day.


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