Cheese Please!


Who doesn’t love cheese? Well … if you can’t eat cheese, i’m sorry. If you choose to not eat cheese, i’m sorry for you also. At every family gathering there is cheese in many forms. We usually have cubed or sliced cheese, many types of cheese dips, and sometimes cheese fondue. This Queso! book by Lisa Fain is a perfect gift for any hostess in your life. Queso is such a versatile and simple dish to make. If you have chip with dip and queso your party is set no matter how many people are there. I think it might be my favorite appetizer to make. Not only does this book have the simple ways to make queso, but it also has different countries version of queso. It has many spins on the classic dish. The greatest thing about this cookbook, besides the cheese, is the chapter based on meals. Over ten different ways to incorporate into a main dish and even ice cream. I cannot wait to try queso with ice cream. Definitely a book for the cheese lover in your life.


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