The Mighty Salads.


A whole book of salads? Yes! I was a bit skeptical since salads aren’t something that you really need a whole book of recipes for. I was wrong.  This book doesn’t just give you the simple recipes that use lettuce and some veggies then toss and eat. It shows you the best choices and options, wether you want a salad for dinner that will actually satisfy your appetit, or a salad to take to work and not wilt in the process.

Food 52‘s site is filled with the best info on food, cooking tools, and more. It’s only right they would have a cookbook dedicated to salads. Most people see a salad as a side dish, a choice at a restaurant that you might take a few bites of then wait for the main dish. This Mighty Salad book is filled with salads that give you that crunch you look for, the mix of vegetables, meats, pasta, and bacon. Everyone loves bacon. Each recipe has a little side note of how to mix the dish up even more if you don’t like to follow the directions.

Tips on how to fix the parts of salads that usually fall short are woven in throughout the book. I always make my dressings too salty, let my lettuce wilt, or my veggies don’t make the dish any brighter. All fixed with this book.  I’m looking forward to trying the grilled steak and tossed salsa verde salad, and the brown butter-roasted Brussels sprouts with lemon vinaigrette. Both are different and sound delicious but at the same time they are  also salads.

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